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Cari lettori è l'una di notte, ma a me sembra che siano le cinque del mattino, ho perso la cognizione del tempo e ora non ricordo più tutto quello che vi volevo dire su questa paginetta di presentazione. Non so precisamente chi sono e cosa faccio...



Pietra Montecorvino was born in Naples december 2th 1962, in 1984 she made her debut with Renzo Arbore as a leading character of the film F.F.S.S, singing “SUD” – by Arbore and Mattone. In 1985 she starred in “LA CIORTA DI FELICIELLO” directed by Mario Franco. In 1986 she partecipated at the International Tour “PANE E ROSE” with Angelo Branduardi, by singing three songs. In 1987 she is part again in Eugenio Bennato’s music work “ACQUA ACQUA – FUOCO FUOCO”. In 1988 she performed in the film “CAVALLI SI NASCE” directed by Sergio Staino. In 1989 she is again in Eugenio Bennato’s work A “SUD DI MOZART” directed by Bruno Colella. In 1991 her first album “SEGNORITA” come out. It has been written for her by Eduoardo and Eugenio Bennato, this album made her noticed by the promoters of the Tenco Prize. They sent her to Verona for the “Rassegna della canzone d’autrice” at the end of august 1991. In this occasion, her straordinary capacities of interpreter have conquered the public and the critic, what put her among the winners of the manifestation. The continuation is even more prestigious : indeed, at the end of october 1991, Pietra is invited to partecipate at the final evening of the Luigi Tenco Prize , where she got the recompense for the Best interpreter of the year. And on stage, singing some pieces of the album “SEGNORITA”, she dominates an another time the show with her instinctive and magnetic force. In 1996 she sang in the show “MALAMUSIK” directed by Eugenio Bennato. 2010 Summer time She starred in “Passione” directed by John Turturro in this docu-movie that is a journey in the history of Napolitan music, that start from the old songs of Vomero’s washerwoman- that is an area that is situated in the hight district of Naples, and arrives at Dub sonority by Almamegretta and the sax of James Senese and naturally the hot voice given to Pietra Montecorvino. CONCERTS : South America, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Verona (Festival of the feminine songwriters with international casting). Participation with Nina Simone, Mercedes Sosa, Ute Lemper (Mystery of the bulgarian voices)